Recensione Tapo C200, la camera economica di TP-Link con tutte le carte in regola per una sicurezza smart

Tapo C200 review, TP-Link's camera for smart security at an affordable price

Many will still not know the Tapo brand. It is a sub-brand of TP-Link, which currently offers few peripherals for the smart home, including lights, sockets and smart security cameras. Among the latter Tapo C200, a motorized camera for PAN and Tilt, 1080p video, and many features that have nothing to envy to the more expensive brands. We tried it, remaining absolutely satisfied. That's why.


Tapo C200 Unboxing has few surprises. It is a streamlined and essential equipment, where in addition to the video camera there is the power supply, the wall support, an adhesive to facilitate the holes for wall mounting, and various manuals. This is a pack that aims, therefore, to the point, and that we could define practically ready to use: from opening to actual operation, a few minutes will be enough.

Tapo C200 review, TP-Link's budget camera with all the credentials for smart security


And now the aesthetics. Tapo C200 really interesting from a design point of view. Without too many words, he immediately reminded us of some similar Xiaomi peripheral, a Chinese brand that certainly excels in design. The chamber has a semi-sphere base, wide enough to lay the chamber solidly on any surface (wall installation is also possible) and the spherical eye on the top. It is very minimal and modern, and is well suited to both home and work environments. Absolutely compact and light, requires only one cable for correct installation, that is, the power supply cable, which can be easily hidden behind any cabinet, or desk.

Tapo C200 review, TP-Link's budget camera with all the credentials for smart security

On the bottom, that of the base, there is the connector for the power supply, while on the back of the upper sphere there is the speaker grill. The choice of MicroSD input positioning is very particular. This hidden at the bottom of the camera eye, just below the sensor. To access it, it is necessary to direct the sensor upwards through Pan and Tilt. On the one hand, for some it may be a not too convenient choice, especially for those who need to insert and remove the MicroSD frequently. To tell the truth, the solution surprised us, even in a positive, particular and original way, different from many other cameras on the market. A trivial, but truly effective "hiding place".

Tapo C200 review, TP-Link's budget camera with all the credentials for smart security

In terms of aesthetics, in short, the room convinced us completely. Slender, light and modern. He makes his figure in any corner of the house.


As already mentioned, Tapo C200 is a ready to use camera. The package is opened, the plug is inserted, and after a few minutes it will be fully operational. Simply download the TP-Link Tapo app, free for iOS and Android, to start the first configuration. After logging in, all you have to do is select your room model, ready for pairing after switching on, and continue with the instructions on the screen.

Tapo C200 review, TP-Link's budget camera with all the credentials for smart security

You will have to choose your home WiFi network, which must be 2.4GHz, and after entering the access key, just wait a few seconds for the configuration. In our case, a small firmware update was also available, which took a few more minutes.

We did not find any problems during the first setup phase: the room was immediately recognized and added to the home network, ready for use.

Use & app

The well-made Tapo app really facilitates the use of the room, and makes it even more versatile and efficient. At startup, all the Tapo peripherals in the home are shown in the home. By clicking on the camera already installed you will have access to the live video stream, and various management options. Among these, particularly important, the display in a single screen of multiple video streams coming from different tapo cameras to install (four for each screen).

Furthermore, it will be possible to make PAN at 360 degrees and Tilt at 114 degrees, thanks to the practical virtual controller. We also point out that the user can also set predefined positions for the room, so as to recall them with a simple touch, without having to use the virtual D-Pad. For example, it is very convenient to set a shot on the entrance door, rather than on the balcony, rather than on the window, so as to turn the sensor's eye with a simple click.

Tapo C200 review, TP-Link's budget camera with all the credentials for smart security

Many options for use. An alarm can be set, both audible and visual, whenever the camera registers movement, also being able to set the area of ​​sensitivity for recognizing the movement itself, for example by avoiding the floor, where pets may be present.

Thanks to the hardware of the room, speaker and microphone, two-way audio can be managed from the app. Still, you can set the privacy mode, when you are at home, or still take advantage of the Phone mode. Yes, it will be possible to enable two-way audio continuously, so as to allow a real audio call via the video camera.

Tapo C200 review, TP-Link's budget camera with all the credentials for smart security

The app offers an absolutely modern and well-made UI, and has all the rules to satisfy any type of user. At the moment there is only one small oddity to report. Going to smart actions, ie those that allow you to set predefined scenes with a single touch, relating to the behavior of the room, sockets and smart lights, the message "sign not supported" for the Tapo C200 camera appears. This means that it is not possible to set smart scenes by automatically setting the room alarm. It is strange, especially because, the same result can be achieved from the "camera preview" tab, where possible with a single touch to set the "away from home" and "inside home" mode. An update could almost certainly solve this small problem.

Another applause to Tapo must be made for the support to Alexa and Google Home: it is possible to configure the device with the most used voice assistants, being able to ask the voice assistants to play the video stream of the camera on a supported smart device, such as Chromecast or Smart Display .

Audio video quality

Tapo C200 does not disappoint even from the point of view of video quality, even in the face of the fact that it is a really low cost camera. It offers a Full HD image quality, which certainly will satisfy you, both for home use and for any use in the workplace. Tapo C200 review, TP-Link's budget camera with all the credentials for smart security

The video stream arrives at the smartphone with a few seconds of delay, but this also depends on the internet connection you use. It is a lag of a few seconds, absolutely normal and physiological, present in any security camera.

We liked the punctuality of the notifications that arrive on the smartphone when the camera records the movements, as well as the timely alarm triggered, when active.

The speaker audio does not have a very high volume, but considering that the use of the indoor room, you will be able to have a conversation without any particular problems, as well as you can listen to any suspicious sounds inside the house.

Tapo C200 review, TP-Link's budget camera with all the credentials for smart security

The night vision present is sufficient to keep a medium-sized room under control.


Tapo C200 has surprised us positively since the opening. Modern and minimal design, ease of operation, application well made and full of options. Finally the quality, which for 25.99 euros requested, absolutely satisfactory, and exceeds all expectations. Tapo C200 certainly the room to choose if you don't want to spend a lot, but you want to have a modern peripheral, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from that of functionality: nothing is missing, it works well and costs little.


  • Aesthetically valid
  • Easy to set up
  • Modern and feature-rich application
  • Phone call mode
  • Responsive and silent pan and tilt
  • Notifications and alarms always working
  • Video quality


  • Smart actions not currently supported

Price and availability

You can buy it on Amazon for 35.90 euros, directly from this address.