TALKO, the app that wants to revolutionize VoIP

TALKO, the app that wants to revolutionize VoIP

The app wants to transform VoIP into a kind of private social network, with the possibility of exchanging files and documents, of creating groups and private conversations

Ray Ozzie he left Microsoft in 2010. Two years ago he launched a startup that aimed to radically change the world of VoIP calls. Now this project has become an application that promises a new experience for mobile calls: Talko. This type of application fits into the crowded field of apps that allow you to make calls online, but not only. These types of applications are becoming more and more of the work platforms, where the vocal component becomes a background to share documents and other content.

Talko proposes to do all these actions in a simpler way. One of the most innovative aspects of Talk is the ease with which one can switch from one conversation between several people to the monologue in the same stream.

Everything comes automatically archived thanks to the support of the most diffused cloud servicesi to make the conversation experience complete. In this way, Ozzie's idea is to give users a tool that allows them to recover files and data in a simple and always-on way. At the moment the application is available only for iPhone, but will soon arrive on other platforms.

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<p>In Talko they have the power to radically change the world of voice communication, 138 years after the first experiment between Bell and Watson. How many chances do they have?</p>
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