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Mice seem to have become the new frontier to be explored in the computer world. After the optical mice, one of the innovations of recent months, a path opened by Microsoft and on which Apple has also launched itself, now it is up to the "sensory" mice that vibrate when solicited by an application that activates an internal motor. To launch the novelty Logitech that announced a few days ago the next release of two new peripherals with the innovative feature. These are iFeel Mouse and iFeel Mouseman. The first is an entry level mouse with three buttons, the second a more complete product that also features a fourth button and an ergonomic design. But keys apart from the most innovative feature certainly the vibration that they are able to produce. At the moment the field of use of this type of very narrow input devices. In fact, Logitech admits that there are no applications capable of exploiting this feature which, at first sight, seems to produce an effect similar to that of the Playstation gamepads. Only by surfing the Internet, say Logitech, can the vibration function be activated. The mouse, passing over active links, vibrates warning of the connection. The hope of the producers that in the future the fields of use will always expand, in particular, on the Internet. For example, the e-commerce sites, claim to Logitech, could offer potential buyers the possibility of ‘touching’ the products. Passing the mouse over a denim fabric you could feel its softness on a silk scarf. At the moment, many people do not believe in iFeel's "revolutionary". The opinion that this is an innovative product and that perhaps, for the low price (only about ten dollars more than a normal mouse) could have some grip on consumers in particular the blind who until yesterday had to pay even 500 $ devices of this type, but which will hardly revolutionize the IT world. iFeel should be on sale by the end of September. At the moment it is not clear if it will also be available in a Mac version.

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