Swing Copters, the sequel to Flappy Bird

Swing Copters, the sequel to Flappy Bird

It is released on August 21st and could be the new hit by developer Dong Nguyen

(Photo: Dong Nguyen)(Photo: Dong Nguyen)

The simple idea, perhaps even too much, but it seems to have the credentials to be a new success: after having dug out the OS and Android with Flappy Bird, making millions of players go crazy, the Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen is about to churn out the sequel. Swing Copters, this the title, adopts the same dynamics of the predecessor, only that, instead of moving to the right, it flows upwards.

The release date set for August 21, with paid downloads ($ 0.99) to get the version without banner ads. Perhaps, but a hypothesis still to be confirmed, Swing Copters will be an Amazon exclusive.

The boys of Toucharcade have tried it exclusively and claim that it is really hard, more than it was Flappy Bird. So much so that the best score of their video (a "poor" 5) their current record.


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