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Swing Copters the new game from the developer of Flappy Bird arrives …


Today we report the arrival on the section Play Store games of a new and interesting title, created by the developer Don Nguyen, known in the chronicles for having previously made the game Flappy Bird, which became a media catchphrase and then withdrawn from distribution. Let's find out the details of the new title that is called Swing Copters.

For those who don't remember Don Nguyen the developer of game Flappy Bird, which landed in mobile stores several months ago and which had reaped really high earnings with a really simple game system. This title had then been withdrawn following the controversy resulting from alleged copyright infringements, which were never confirmed unofficially.

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<p style=Now Nguyen arrived on the Play Store with a new title Swing Copters, which follows the game dynamics of its predecessor, the style of graphics, the gameplay (single tap) still that of the first title, and in this new game we also find the game methodology that manages to keep players attached to the screen and create a kind of addiction.

Unlike Flappy Bird, Swing Copters a vertical sliding game in which you will have to dodge swaying hammers in your climb to the top. Another of the strong points on which Nguyen has aimed for this difficulty game, it seems a simple game to complete but you will soon change your mind.

The game available free on the Play Store, Swing Copters also has an app purchase mode that allows you to eliminate advertising while the game is running.

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