Swift for Good,  un libro dedicato a Swift con ricavi devoluti per una buona causa

Swift for Good, a book dedicated to Swift with revenues donated for a good cause

"Swift for Good: Volume One" a new book on programming that stands out from the others for the many, renowned authors, for the quality of the contents and the cause to which it is dedicated.

The project led by Paul Hudson, author of the acclaimed "Hacking with Swift" site. The preface was written by Chris Lattner that the creator of the programming language to which the dedicated book. In the volume there are contributions from at least 20 authors, many of whom are known to anyone involved in programming for Apple devices. Just to name someone, we mention: Jazbo Beason, administrator of the lack of iOS developer community, Janina Kutyn, ex-Apple, chief iOS developer at Adidas, Craig Clayton, well-known author and trainer, but there are contributions from developers, bloggers and speakers highly appreciated for their talents.

The volume (details here) aims to provide advice on various issues with which developers have to deal every day; we talk about API design, interface creation, debugging, language aspects, accessibility and more. Not a book for absolute beginners but addressed to those who already know the language.

Swift for Good, a book dedicated to Swift with revenues donated for a good cause

The proceeds from the book, as mentioned, are intended for a good cause: a Black Girls Code, organization that aims to promote the digital literacy of African American girls and boys, from 7 to 17 years old, with the aim of creating a new generation of programmers.

The book available in different digital formats (ePub, PDF, HTML). can be purchased through the Gumroad platform. The price of $ 40 (36), but possible to offer more. 100% of the proceeds will go to Black Girls Code.