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Swift 3D Version 2.O renews the 3D tool that also exports to Flash, AI, SWG

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The software allows both to design as a standalone tool and to manage the 3D scenes for Macromedia Flash (SWF), Adobe Illustrator (AI), EPS, and the latest XML-based version of SVG thanks also to the second generation RAVIX engine

In an easy-to-use environment, the program now includes new modeling tools capable of building and animating complex 3D scenes. New features… – Extrusion and Lathe Editor – PostScript Font Support – Camera and directional lights – Extended selection of primitives – Automatic timeline scaling – Non-uniform scaling of objects – Numerical positioning of objects – Possibility to animate materials

The new rendering capacities include the accurate control of the shadows, the line thicknesses and an improved calculation speed of a factor of 50X in some cases with the possibility of managing over 250,000 polygons. $ 159. For more information, visit