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Sweet Kingdom: the kingdom of your fun in a puzzle game

Sweet Kingdom: the kingdom of your fun in a puzzle game

The arrival of an entertainment trend often produces a wide range of clones of the same game concept, a situation that is occurring for puzzle games, and for this reason that only a few titles manage to give a game experience that leaves the sign, what really characterizes itSweet Kingdom.

Developed starting from the idea that the game is the result not only of direct actions but also and above all of the details that compose it, cared for and well made in a truly complete concept, the app is proposed as one of the best opportunities for entertainment inside your app drawer providing a new definition of puzzle game.

Functions and Utilities:

The features are varied, demonstrating the attention that the developers paid to this title:

  • Access to about 100 levels, increasing complexity and also timed
  • Presence of 6 bonus combinations: magic wand, blender, mixer, vertical and horizontal laser, tongs.
  • Instructive tutorial
  • Facebook integration

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The gameplay thought LLC "Eva studio" perfectly enhanced by the excellent structure of the application, rich in details both in the graphic and in the functional sector, with the two aspects that integrate perfectly, showing off also a positioning that easily recalls the user's intuitiveness, all of which is not dispersing too much attention from the main objectives of the game.

The application is divided into a reference home where you can immediately adjust effects, language and background sound, the settings panel in fact absent due to the distribution of the various items in the appropriate screens. For the first time, the puzzle game presents its multiple levels within a story that is revealed as it progresses through the map, where each stage contains specific levels to be overcome in order to proceed further.

The optional references, both in the level selection map and in the actual game screen, are well delineated by the frames on the lower and upper edges of the display, varying the contents according to the needs, all with an optimal graphic result that allows you to have a excellent view of the internal and optional contents, such as pop-up windows for instructions and details that appear in the middle based on progress.


From such a detailed and detailed game one would expect a considerable consumption in terms of autonomy and a waste of memory resources such as to slow down the system, aspects on which Sweet Kingdom surprises, proving to be particularly fluid and with normal loading times.

Sweet Kingdomsi lends itself perfectly to the purpose for which it was made, that is to entertain with a viral gamplay so as to glue eyes and fingers to the display, not allowing a minute of reflection on the possibility of being able to separate from it.


In the jungle of puzzle games the light of hope for your enjoyment in the realm ofSweet Kingdom.

The application available for free on the Google Play Store, one more reason to insert it in your app drawer and give it a chance to conquer you, something that we will have once tested even if only a few minutes.

If the classic puzzle games have fed you up, the middle ground between the past and modernity is certainly represented by this application, also available on the iOS platform, demonstrating that quality fun has no frontiers, as visible in the trailer that will surely delight you:

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