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Surface Neo and Duo, how the two new leaflets from Microsoft work

Surface Neo and Duo, how the two new leaflets from Microsoft work

Same structure with two displays joined together, the big with Windows X and the small (but woe to call it a smartphone) with Android

Microsoft Surface Duo(Photo: Microsoft)

On the occasion of the presentation of the new ones Surface Pro 7, Pro X and the third Surface Laptop, Microsoft has also removed the veils from two products that will be released at the end of 2020 and that propose form-factor all new to the Redmond giant.

The first to be shown was Microsoft Surface Neo pointing to a double screen that can bend 360 degrees, the second Microsoft Surface Duo with small footprint and the Android operating system on board.

For both of them a very interesting project that sees Microsoft rejuvenate its own catalog by going to risk something, even if taking all the time necessary before going on the market, planned in just over a year.

Microsoft Surface Neo

Surface Neo(Photo: Microsoft)

Neo composed of two separate 9-inch displays connected together by a hinge able to rotate completely; once opened it develops a 13-inch diagonal for what is defined as the thinnest LCD ever produced.

With a thickness of just 5.6 mm and a weight of 655 grams, moved by 10th generation Intel processors and can use a physical bluetooth keyboard that partially overlaps one of the two screens.

The system on board that Windows X alias Santorini designed specifically for short-term gadgets and uses a nib Surface Slim Pen can be attached to the body. On the software side, it can manage two separate apps, can be positioned as a notebook, as a digital frame or as a large tablet.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Surface Duo(Photo: Microsoft)

The second gadget has a similar structure in some ways, but more compact and above all still partly mysterious hardware side. The screens are from 5.6 inches developing a surface of 8.3 diagonal once opened.

Considerable in all respects one smartphoneofficial blog seen that Microsoft has already confirmed that it can call, giving life to the much-rumored Surface Phone, but Microsoft places it in a segment to itself and does not talk about smartphones. The first rumors speak of a processor Snapdragon 855 on board, it will probably be arranged with module 5G, while there don't seem to be any external cameras. For now we don't know anything else.

Certainly other information will emerge in the coming months, with more details on the complete technical features and first indications on prices.


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