Support for tablets and smartphones in iClever aluminum

Support for tablets and smartphones in iClever aluminum

Recently I started looking for a good support where I could place my smartphone or tablet when I was sitting at my desk. I tried different ones, but none of them really satisfied me, both for the materials and for the practicality of use. Wanting to focus on something stylistically appealing and with good materials, in the end I came across Amazon on a stand made entirely of aluminum that, due to its lines, is very reminiscent of the basis of the latest Apple iMacs. If you are also looking for support for tablets and smartphones, then I recommend reading this review.

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The support for tablets and smartphones that we want to talk about was created by the company iClever. The arrival of the product was very surprised by the size of the support: I was expecting a bulky accessory, almost as wide as a 7 tablet, and I immediately wondered if it could support the weight of my iPad from 20. As soon as I extracted it from the box, the lines they reminded me of the support base of the most recent iMacs. Under the base there are four rubbers to make the accessory non-slip. The same rubber pads, in different sizes, have been positioned on the base of the smartphone / tablet, so as to avoid scratches if you want to place an aluminum or glass device like an iPad, an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S6 .

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<p>On the vertical shaft there are two holes, very useful if you want to charge your device. The cables, in fact, can be passed through these holes, putting some order on the desk. The arm on which the support feet of the rolling stock are present (can move up to form an angle of 270), so as to allow optimal positioning of the device and create a good viewing angle.</p>
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The base of the iClever desk support, approximately 9.5cm wide, for a total product height of 7.5cm and a weight of 100g. Its dimensions were also sufficient to support an iPad 10, weighing 652g. After finding the right angle, the support will remain stable and well planted on the ground. I use it a lot during the study, to support the iPad on which I open the documents I need. For this reason I often have to interact with the tablet, and despite this, the support never becomes unstable and I never risked dropping the iPad.

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Overall, I am very satisfied with the purchase. Finally I managed to find a quality desk stand with an attractive design and fine materials. I found it great both to hold smartphones and tablets, as it proved to be very stable even with devices of considerable weight. If you are intrigued by this iClever desktop stand for tablets and smartphones, you can buy it on Amazon through this link for the total price of 15.99.