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Super Mario Run will also arrive for Android, word of Nintendo

Super Mario Run

Hold on tight: Super Mario is about to return to our smartphones. And not thanks to the emulators, but with a brand new game: Super Mario Run. The news published during the presentation of the new IPhone 7 made our eyes shine with happiness not only for those working in the sector, but also for the millions of fans of the nice Italian plumber.

In a year where Nintendo back in vogue thanks mainly to the publication of Pokmon Go and with the announcement of the arrival of NES Mini for Q4 in 2016, the Kyoto company tries to ride the wave with the presentation of Super Mario Run with the main purpose of being able to better organize its future after decidedly dark years.

Super Mario RunShigeru Miyamoto, creator of many sagas including Mario Bros, presents Super Mario Run.

The new title is a runner game where the gameplay is very simplified: through a single tap on the display Mario salter, trying to collect as many coins as possible, avoid or eliminate the usual opponents that will appear, eat the mushrooms to grow and get as high as possible to the flag pole to finish the level.

The graphics are very pretty and pretty without having distorted the original one, with a good attention to detail. Even the sound, slightly revisited, recalls the themes of the previous titles. Among the general enthusiasm, it has been declared that there will be different game modes that will guarantee a greater longevity to Super Mario Run.

Super Mario RunScreenshot of the gameplay based on the Super Mario Run presentation.

Currently only released for Apple devices in the Christmas period this year, but the top of Nintendo have assured that I'm already ready to develop a version of Super Mario Run for Android in the future. Analysts have predicted (and confirm) that the title could beat several download records in a very short space of time.

At the moment, not much else is known about Super Mario Run: the price remains a mystery, although it is certain that there will be purchases in the app in order to unlock levels or modes. We look forward to more information and developments from Kyoto, the headquarters of Nintendo. In the meantime, for all lovers of the most famous Italian plumber in the world, all that remains is to start training with the old titles to fight the wait!

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