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Sugar Crush HD: much more than just a puzzle game

Sugar Crush HD: much more than just a puzzle game

Within the panorama of Android puzzle games, the series inspired by the typical style of Candy Crush are many, and each one in a different way tries to replicate the user experience in a rather rough way. Few of these are able to involve the user in all senses by transporting him, through the use of well-designed graphics, adequate sounds and unique animations of their kind, in a reality made of fun and light-heartedness such asSugar Crush HD.

Developed with every detail in mind, this fantastic game app will not fail to amaze you thanks to the excellent implementation of animations and sounds in a game system that, although emulating a concept already seen, will be able to thrill you resulting in a completely new game, thanks to the excellent gameplay and a structured game system to savor every single adventure, sweet and tasty like the candies that you will find yourself eliminating.

Functions and Utilities:

The title offers a variety of game features and a wide choice of levels:

  • Animations and sound effects included
  • 5 episodes and about 216 integrated levels
  • Ability to skip levels not passed
  • Candy Shop for the purchase of various types of sweets to play with
  • Facebook profile integration
  • Facebook anti-spam mode
  • Goals integrated into Google Play Games

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The idea conceived and developed by the team of TapGames is perfectly aimed at the idea of ​​the game, the application in fact boasts excellent graphics, cured in every single detail, and built starting from a simple scaffold that focuses the spotlight on the game, not excessively dispersing the user's attention with its features and animations. The decidedly pleasant effect, encouraging the user to use it and not being complex to use from the very beginning.

When it starts, the application automatically interacts with your Google Play Games user profile and calls up a reference screen from which you can have access to all the functions, being able to move between the objectives to be achieved, the Candy Shop, without forgetting the possibility to connect to your Facebook profile, all accompanied by suggestive sounds and animations.The equally exciting game experience, the selection of the various levels gradually accessible through progressive unlocking, while the game screen easily accessible and embedded in a clever graphic frame where the key elements, such as score and time left, are clearly visible and marked.


The main defects of game apps of this kind lie in the excessive consumption of resources, in terms of autonomy and calculation memory, yet this app manages, despite the graphic attention to detail, to record normal consumption.

Sugar Crush HD does not suffer from slowdowns of the device, while putting it under stress, and at the same time does not particularly erode the battery whose autonomy, of course, will vary according to the time spent playing, which we can assure you will be much more than you can expect. The animations and sounds certainly represent one of its strengths, with a pleasantness that very few similar game apps can boast on these levels.


The new form of fun, in puzzle games, for sureSugar Crush HD.

The application available on the Google Play Store for free, a valid reason not to miss it and enrich its app drawer with a complete title, different from any other you may have tried in this special category of puzzle games, as visible from the trailer which shows the app on both Android and iOS platforms.

Here are the links to Google Play Store and to the official site of the TapGames software house, where you will find more information and screenshots on Sugar Crush HD, as well as other titles made:

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