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Students and teachers, until September 7 an iPod touch for 34 euros

An iPod touch for 34 euros, an iPod Classic for 87 euros, the nano from 8 GB to 23 euros, the 16 GB to 29 euros, the shuffle for 16 or 20 euros, depending on whether it is the aluminum or steel model from 4 GB. Here is the offer that Apple launched today as part of the Back To School campaign and which can benefit all students of age enrolled in an educational institution or teachers, teachers and managers who purchase a Mac.

The Back To School operation works like the American one and offers the same benefits. In the US the same iPod models also have the same discount; the only difference between Italy and the USA that in the American price the cost with taxes is never presented while in our country (where there is a mark-up on the players determined by a government tax on the copy) s, and for this reason that American students apparently have the possibility to buy an iPod even at zero cost while in Italy you have to pay a variable amount between 16 and 87 euros depending on the model.

Even the practical mechanism of the initiative is the same: you have to buy a Mac, be it a new laptop or an iMac (refurbished, Mac mini and MacPro are excluded) together with the iPod and then fill in an online form and send for mail the printout of the online application form together with a proof of purchase in the form of a copy of an Apple Store receipt or an invoice or shipping confirmation from the Apple Online Store and EAN / barcode labels, to obtain the refund of the consideration. The maximum refund of 160 euros for the iPod touch or classic, 145 euros for the 16 GB iPod nano, 120 euros for the 8 GB model of 65 for the aluminum shuffle and 80 euros for the steel one .

Recall that Macs for students and teachers are cheaper than the list for normal consumer customers. The discount ranges from 99 euros for the MacBook up to 258 euros for the top model of the MacBook Pro.

The Back To School campaign is valid until September 7th. To join the initiative and check all the conditions, start from this page

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