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Strata 3D Rich Media: with the help of Flash and LiveMotion

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The possibility of adding export to the world of the web through Flash but also with the Adobe Livemotion SVG formats to Strata 3D opens up new perspectives for users of the historic 3D modeling and animation program.

Obviously the usual jpeg and quicktime renderings can be generated in the same way available for the web, but the combination of 3D vector graphics with the relatively low weight of the files to be loaded on Flash allows to obtain results easily usable on the net and with aesthetic characteristics unusual and with public, the one that uses Flash, vast.

Strata 3D RME incorporates Swift 3D PowerModule based on Electric Rain's RAViX II technology. RAViX II that generates high quality results, low bandwidth and scalability ensured with different output options with the possibility of shading in Cartoon style, two gradient levels for shadows and managing models that can contain up to 200,000 polygons. The software runs with PowerMac and 8.6 minimum system: 256 MB of Ram recommended. The retail price is $ 895 and the upgrade costs $ 129. For more info visit the Strata website