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Stop selling iPhone 3GS on the Apple Store online

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IPhone 3GS can no longer be ordered on the App Store. The halt to sales of the now "old" model of Apple's mobile phone that took place today after the ecommerce site was long off line yesterday afternoon, probably due to some system update.

The reason that phones are no longer affordable is rather easy to guess. From tomorrow the new iPhone 4 will be in reservation in some countries in the world and even if Italy does not, at least it seems, among these it is very probable that the warehouses have now been put into "stop" as regards the old models.

IPhone 3GS are still available for purchase from Apple's three official mobile operators, although not all models are available. The most outworn seems to be Tim who currently sells only the 32 GB model online; Vodafone, on the other hand, invites you to go to the store to purchase the 8 Gb model. Tre, however, presents all three iPhones with a novelty: the 3GS models are zero advance if you choose a subscription. The 8 GB iPhone 3G (available only with the rechargeable) with zero advance (and final maxirata from 384 euros) if you opt for "Choose 30".

Three, among other things, through the Twitter channel (used frequently by the operator Hutchison Whampoa for some anticipation) seems to presage the announcement of the tariffs for the Apple phone within the week even if the text, as usual, rather sibylline ( "But what if we told you that next week we will give you information on the fruit? ") And could refer to some Blackberry.

Apple in recent days had offered iPhone 3GS for sale at a discounted price (by about 10%), this after having long suspended those of the 8 GB iPhone 3G. At the moment it is difficult to say whether the iPhone 3GS will go back on sale or if Apple will go directly to the reservations of the new 4 models also for our country.