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Still no PowerBook 17

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A month has gone by since the presentation of the new PowerBooks in San Francisco and two weeks since the Italian presentation, but the situation regarding laptop orders does not seem to improve.

Those who are preparing to order a PowerBook 12 ″ or a PowerBook 17 ″, in fact, for some time now have received a not very comforting response on delivery times: from 7 to 10 weeks for the top model, 2-4 weeks for the cheaper model .

What appears more serious that these times, both for the sum of the orders and (probably) for the difficulties encountered by Apple's new products at the debut, do not change.

From what we learn some 12-inch models are already on delivery, also in Italy. Little or no information is available on 17-gi models in the hands of customers.

Recall that Apple, already at the time of the launch of the Titanium, had numerous difficulties in delivering the first specimens that arrived with the dropper. Subsequently the strong backlog of orders forced to very long times, so much so that some machines purchased in January were not available until the end of March and the beginning of April.

In any case, Apple Italy had announced that the first deliveries of the PowerBook 17 "in our country would take place in the second half of March. The end of the month seems to be a more appropriate indication to the indications above.