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Still accusations from Opera to Microsoft

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Opera sided once again against Microsoft, accused of illegal and incorrect tactics towards competition. To unleash the ire of the software house some "malfunctions" of the Microsoft site with the Opera browser.

According to when reported on the official website of the Norwegian manufacturer, Microsoft would send to those who enter a "buggy" style sheet that prevents you from continuing to explore the services.

What's more serious, says Opera CTO, Hakon Lie, that the normal style sheet that the site sends to Internet Explorer works perfectly. "Why – says Lie – does Microsoft send users of Opera a different code?", A code that would not even work with other browsers. According to Opera, there is only one answer: “Make us appear unable to produce in a decent browser – says the CEO Von Tetzchner – so that, as happens, we have a very bad feedback from those who test our products and users. Everything damages us and incorrect "

Microsoft rejects the accusations and claims that it is a pure case. "There is no reason why we have to do this type of discrimination – said Bob Visse, director of marketing at MSN – we will try to understand the reason for this problem"

Recall that between Opera and Microsoft, already a year ago, there was a clamor of arms. Then Microsoft had blocked access to MSN to all browsers other than Internet Explorer, justifying itself subsequently with the need to make its pages more modern and usable. According to Microsoft, a need that could not be separated from the use of navigators with the Redmond brand.