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Steve Jobs' message: the Mac is perfect for the digital lifestyle.

Steve Jobs did not hide the evidence … the PC, the Personal Computer, the very idea that Apple made possible in 1977 is in crisis.

After the enthusiasm of the golden age of the internet, it is necessary to find new ideas, new methods of use to move from the alleged extinction to a natural evolution. Apple will not change its mission to adapt to produce devices other than the PC that are successful on the market today: Apple's task is to produce the best personal computers on the market and at the same time to understand what the market wants and adapt its offer to these requests.

There is no doubt that success in this end of the millennium has affected digital devices, cameras, camcorders, DVDs, MP3 players … Jobs has defined it several times as an "explosion" because it has been so in sales and interest of the public to create what has been defined as the "Digital Lifestyle". Apple first caught the value with its Firewire-equipped Macs, with its iMovie but did not understand, by Jobs's admission, the global importance, leaving out what could have been a rapid integration with some expanding sectors such as music on MP3, DVD.

And here are the new software products that are candidates to become references, if not for power or absolute versatility, for their ease of use and for the "consistency" of the interface that allows you to manage them in a single window, as with iMovie , all the various combinations and interactions. And here are the new Mac Desktops that thanks to the software, Firewire, USB, recordable CD and recordable DVD are candidates to become, in Apple's intentions, the real "Digital Hub" the link between all aspects and products of the " Digital LifeStyle ”and allow an integrated and coherent management.

Jobs' biggest challenge now is not only to produce more beautiful and performing machines but also to demonstrate that his intuition or better his recognition of an ongoing trend can bring Apple back to the desires of all consumers, leading to the platform also the most skeptical, those who go crazy every day to configure video and audio cards, to manage dozens of digital information with an inconsistent interface.