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Steve don't help Palm!

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Steve don't help Palm! logomacitynet1200wide 1

"We must be – consistently – an innovator and not a savior", as Charles Haddad, editor of the "Byte of the Apple" column of the paper and online business weekly BusinessWeek, expects from the top of Cupertino. Even analysts such as Pat Dorsey of ON24 they hope that Apple will enter the handheld market because they believe there is room for Apple's creative verve rather than the help that Apple consciously or unconsciously provides Palm and associates with the concept of the Digital Hub, involving the world of handhelds. But Jobs we know he has no obvious intention to take this step. "Palm" writes BW "like a New Economy Icarus, he made a great leap at the beginning so high that he got too close to the sun now, losing 80 % of its stock market value, it practically crashed to the ground, crushed by the red of the $ 390 million in debt. "" PDAs will become an indispensable object and Apple's genius could r to make credible the request for a plus in the price compared to the competition, perhaps only because they integrate an MP3 player or a mobile phone "insists Haddad. Frankly, it seems more like a private use of a public transport than what Haddad of BusinessWeek does, in short, he wants the Apple handheld and already baptizes it: iHand.All of us would like to see a handheld come out of Apple's labs, but frankly the current world economy could hardly crush Apple with even a single half error, better to stay focused on the core business at least until the sky does not clear above Wall Street.

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