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Steinberg specifies his strategy on Cubase and Nuendo

Steinberg specifies his strategy on Cubase and Nuendo – Macitynet.it logomacitynet1200wide 1

Steinberg CEO Manfred Ruerup has spelled out his company's strategy on releasing the next version of Nuendo and positioning conflicts with the powerful new Cubase SX just presented at the MusikMesse in Frankfurt. The two products target a different target market : more oriented towards post-production Nuendo, dedicated to those who create Cubase music, the presentations have been expanded over time to seize different opportunities: “We want to take this opportunity to reassure our Nuendo customers who have asked themselves why the no-show of a new version of the software in Frankfurt this year. Nuendo is, and will continue to be, the leading product in the Steinberg range for years to come. We are keeping to the commitments made with the exhibitions and events regarding different sectors of the music industry. For this year we have planned the announcement of the new Cubase SX in Frankfurt and an exceptional new version of Nuendo for AES Monaco in May. that the new version of Nuendo will correspond to the high standards required by our customers. ”We just have to wait… the rumors collected on the net speak of a version for Mac OS X with excellent performance characteristics.

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