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SteelSeries Nimbus + official: new gamepad for the Apple ecosystem

SteelSeries Nimbus + official: new gamepad for the Apple ecosystem

SteelSeries, a company that recently unveiled a series of products related to Cyberpunk 2077, has unveiled Nimbus +, the new MFI certified gamepad, or Made For iPhone, to play on Apple's mobile and non-mobile devices (not only iPhones, but also iPod Touch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV). Compared to the previous Nimbus, several aspects have been improved, including:

  • The analog sticks are clickable, so there are two more buttons (on Dual Shock we would call them L3 and R3, on Xbox LS and RS, to understand each other).
  • Autonomy rises to 50 hours
  • Analog triggers on the back are much more sensitive and precise.

As with the predecessor, SteelSeries Nimbus + recharges through one brings Lightning. Included in the package there is a support (visible in the opening photo) that allows you to hold your iPhone or iPod Touch and play on the move. The gamepad has a "symmetrical" layout, as they say, in Dual Shock style; the analog sticks are both at the bottom, while on the Xbox the left one is exchanged with the digital directional cross. There are four main buttons easily accessible with the right thumb, two backbones and, as we said, the analog triggers. In the center there are also two "system" keys corresponding to the Menu and Home functions.

The gamepad, we said, is primarily designed for the Apple ecosystem. For those interested in using this product on other platforms, there is the Stratus Duo, also recently presented. Some details change slightly, but the substance is that. It costs 69 € on the official website; Nimbus +, on the other hand, has not yet been loaded on the price list; we will have to wait for May 26th. It should cost € 10 more if the relationship with American prices remains the same.