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Star Wars the last Jedi are online: 10 examples to show that Forza is among us

Star Wars: the last Jedi are among us and are online. Here 10 examples of characters coming straight out of Star Wars that we can find online.

Star Wars: the last Jedi are among us, even in social media. Here 10 examples of characters coming straight out of Star Wars that we can find online.

by Emanuela Zaccone *What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say Star Wars? Luke, I'm your father !?

The holograms?

Think about it: whether or not you are a fan of the saga, whether or not you have seen all the films, you will immediately associate a specific image with this simple combination. This means that, in some way, the episodes have become part of our collective imagination. The same can be said for a long series of other films, such as Back to the Future or Blade Runner: What do they have in common? They all offer us an idea of ​​the future, more or less close and adherent to the current reality. Pages and pages have been written about how Star Wars & Co. have anticipated the technologies that have become part of our present. Sometimes things are simpler than we imagine, above all they come in a different form. Let us therefore cease for a moment to concentrate on the objects and focus on the effects: how much of Star Wars today already mainstream thanks to digital and above all to Social Media? How many characters are part of our daily online experience?

This is my top 10 of the types from Star Wars

1) Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! perfect as a hashtag: true, Oculus, Hololens, NextVR & Co. can offer an experience that brings us closer to the realism of the holograms of Star Wars. But they are not yet technologies for everyone. What would Leia do today? Probably instead of keeping the message private it would activate its network of friends to launch the hashtag #helpmeobi Gi I imagine it in trending topic.

2) Mos Esley's Facebook winery: the parallel seems simplistic, but Facebook is the cellar. The main place of mixture, diversity, unexpected contacts, flame, whispers (via Messenger) and noise. The place you need to be at least once. Even just to see what the air is pulling.

3) R2D2 YouTube: he knows them all. Ask him to do something and he will be able to do it, ask him for instructions and show you how. The evolution of YouTube tutorials.

4) C-3PO our necessary online support: do I really need to tell you that its best contemporary expression is a mix between Google Translator and customer support chats?

5) Chewbacca the lurker who becomes an ally: the one who observes, observes, observes and then suddenly – throws himself into the fray and makes a clean sweep. the typical user you would like to have next when a flame breaks out on Facebook.

6) Endor Google+: earth – in our case, moon – with little inhabited, perhaps, but significant. If nothing else, because of Google, or else because the Ewoks, the last ones from which you would expect it, play an important role. A bit like G + should do for positioning.

7) Boba Fett a LinkedIn head hunter: not only by analogy with his job in the Star Wars universe but also by the methodicity, dedication and reliability of his work. Practically a certainty.

8) Emperor Palpatine a MMPOG player (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game): make, undo, build, make alliances (more or less transparent). I imagine it on Twitch.

9) Yoda the guru on Twitter: short, clear sentences that exude experience and have a high retweetability rate. Think of a guru – of any sector, but works better with the so-called life coaches – and his behavior on Twitter and now think back to Yoda. The same no? Furthermore, reversing the order of words (and leaving out some) certainly helps to save characters.

10) Han Solo hibernating in Instagram graphite: action locked in time, well-defined contours, an apparently casual subject (s, he didn't choose to be hibernated) that gives life to a perfect composition. To show everyone. Too bad for the non-square format.

Star Wars online Jedi earnings

Darth Vader and Luke are out of the rankings: the second because in hindsight it represents the average user who discovers the wide range of possibilities offered by the digital (the Force), Darth because in the end, on Social and online we all have a dark side. a single feature that summarizes the concept of digital dematerialization: the physicality is replaced by bits, which can give rise to infinite different worlds.Likewise, there is no single idea of ​​the future: we seek the new without doing justice to the best virtue of the present, to the ability to adapt. And be the future already.May the force be with you.

*Emanuela Zaccone, Digital Entrepreneur, Co-founder and Social Media Strategist of He has over 7 years of experience as a consultant and lecturer in Social Media Analysis and Strategy for large companies, startups and universities. In 2011 he completed a PhD between the universities of Bologna and Nottingham with a thesis on Social Media Marketing and Social TV.

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