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Star Trek Elite Force II for Mac

It will also arrive for Mac Star Trek Elite Force II.

The sequel to the popular Star Trek Elite Force, was announced yesterday by aspyr which confirms, therefore, the rumors circulated some time ago on some forums.

Star Trek Elite Force II is one of Activision's flagship products for the year 2003 and is planning to launch the PC version for the month of June.

The game, based on the Quake III graphic engine, set in the second generation Star Trek universe. In the various levels you can visit and fight in spaceships, in alien worlds without gravity, in space and in a large variety of locations.

You have to deal with all the friends and enemies and known faces of Star Trek and you can use weapons of 13 types.

The conversion for Mac will be done by WestlakeInteractive who has great experience in this field. Nothing is clarified on the release date, but possible, given what happened previously, that the Mac version will arrive a short distance from the PC version, probably by the summer.