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SQL Slammer, Symantec could do more

"The best but also the most negligent" is the summary of comments from system administrators who learned of the least questionable method by which Symantec treated the SQL Slammer case.

According to what was declared by the same company, which is based in Cupertino, the spread of the virus occurred in January and cost millions of dollars in downtime and assorted problems, the identification of the worm would have taken place several hours before the outbreak of the infection. Despite this, Symantec would have disseminated the information, to the world community only in times that are compatible with its corporate interests.

According to several security experts, this attitude has increased the possibility for SQL Slammer to spread catastrophically. Suffice it to say that in its first ten minutes of life, starting at 9.30 California time, SQL Slammer has "infected" 75,000 vulnerable hosts.

Symantec allegedly launched its first "DeepSight Threat Management System" notice (dedicated to Symantec paying subscribers) at 9 pm California time, almost 12 hours after the start of the broadcast.

Among the many decidedly critical opinions towards Symantec's work, we point out that of Wired: "when someone witnesses a serious crime and does not immediately call the police, he himself becomes jointly responsible"