Spread of coronavirus in a restaurant

Spreading the coronavirus in a restaurant, the video of the experiment

A Japanese national broadcaster (NHK) has simulated, with the advice of some experts, how the spread of COVID-19 can take place in a restaurant.

How could the spread of coronavirus in a restaurant take place? To explain the national broadcasterJapanese(Nhk) that hasshamwith the advice of some experts, what could happen in a restaurant and how easy it is to become infectedCoronavirus, in the case of the presence of a positive person, at a simple buffet.

Japanese TV brought together 10 peopleto demonstrate how coronavirus could spread in a restaurant. Fluorescent paint (representing coronavirus) was applied to one of these, thus creating the fake positive. Within half an hour all the participants were dirty with paint. It was confirmed that the paint had spread in the hands of all the participants and had it on the face as well. They spread through the lid of the container that contained the food, the pincers that separated the food and the handle of the drink container.

The video simulation of the spread of coronavirus in a restaurant

Furthermore, as a measure against infections, the shop assistant separates the dishes and frequently swaps the tongs and encourages customers to wash their hands frequently. And so thevideoexplains how and how quickly the virus spreads.

Professor Hiroyuki Kunishima of St. Marianna University School of Medicine said: "A place where a number of people can easily touch each other via various" high-touch "surfaces is a danger.

Italy awaits the reopening of restaurants

Video simulations allowing on the spread of coronavirus in a restaurant, right the world of Italian catering to wait anxiously for the official restart Monday May 18After agreement reached between regions and governors, a plan of openings differentiated by territories will be forced to rethink the modalities of service and relationship with customers. The National Institute against Accidents at Work (INAIL) and the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) have dictated a set of guidelinesfor restaurateurs and bar managers to proceed with the full security reopening.

Spread of coronavirus in a restaurant

Main element of the document drawn up respect for the safety distance between one customer and another: for each customeran area of ​​4 square meters must be guaranteed,without prejudice to the possibility of adopting organizational measures such as dividing barriers, iseach tablemust be placed at2 meters awayon the other. This means that the maximum capacity of each room will be much lower than the pre coronavirus period, therefore, restaurant owners are asked tomake reservations mandatoryfor the purpose of sustainability and prevention of gatherings of people waiting outside the premises