Spotify, the free version will soon offer more features

Spotify, the free version will soon offer more features

An update coming soon will make it easier to check songs and playlists on smartphones even for those who do not subscribe to Spotify Premium

(Photo: Denys Prykhodov-Shutterstock)(Photo: Denys Prykhodov-Shutterstock)

That there were news coming to the world of Spotify we had known this for a few days: the company has fixed an event for the 24 this month during which according to some rumors will reveal its first hardware product. The gadget in question (which could be a portable car radio connected independently in 4G) may not be the only object of the announcements scheduled in two weeks: according to Bloomberg reports, the platform also has in mind to retouch some aspects of the free use mode, to give non-paying users a greater degree of control over reproduction songs.

The details that emerged are actually not many: we only know about the change that will concern us in particular accesses to the platform made by smartphones and that make it easier both to play the playlists and to control the individual songs included in the listening queue. The change should make the experience free slightly more similar to that available to subscriber users, to give the former a more substantial idea of ​​the benefits obtainable through the monthly outlay. Not only that: for the company, in fact, the best strategy to increase its number of paying members is precisely to aim at to grow the audience free, hoping that sooner or later he will convert; make the basic package more attractive the most effective way to do it. To know more about this new version of Spotify Free you just have to wait for April 24th.


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