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Spotify is again compatible with Safari

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A little less than three years after the interruption of the service, Spotify users can now use Safari again to access the web player of the streaming music service. In fact, support for the Apple browser has recently been restored after months of incompatibility.

A Spotify support page that explains how to use the web player includes a list of supported web browsers, a list that has been updated to include the Apple browser along with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.

Previously, users who visited the Spotify web player via Safari received the message β€œThis browser does not support the Spotify web player. Switch browsers or download Spotify for your desktop computer. "

This is good news for all those who prefer to interact with the streaming service through the browser without downloading the appropriate application.

Spotify again compatible with Safari

Spotify confirmed the incompatibility between its web player and Safari in September 2017, but never fully explained what the origin of the problem was. According to some hypotheses, the incompatibility would have had something to do with Google's Widevine multimedia optimization plug-in, which Spotify used for streaming music on the web, a plug-in that Apple would have opposed for security reasons.

The company has never confirmed or denied this hypothesis, leaving Safari users dry-mouthed for almost three years, forcing them to change browsers or download the appropriate application.

Today the problem seems to have been finally solved: if you use Safari and you are interested in listening to streaming music through Spotify without having to download the application, simply connect to to start using the web player .

Just log in with your account and start browsing the music catalog to play it. The web player is quite complete even if it lacks some features present on the native app, me for more than sufficient basic reproduction.