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Spotify for iOS updates: some nice aesthetic news are coming soon

Spotify for iOS updates: some nice aesthetic news are coming soon

The iOS version of Spotify prepares to receive several aesthetic novelties: the announcement comes directly from the giant of music streaming, which only a few hours ago confirmed its arrival through a post on the official blog (link in SOURCE).

The changes will be introduced starting from the next update of the app e they can be exploited on iPhone and iPad devices by both free users, and those with a Premium paid subscription.

The changes coming soon, Spotify confirms, will make the design of the app even more streamlined and attractive thanks to the introduction of new icons and the possibility of view album covers in all sections of the app (except for the Album).

Below is a summary of the main cosmetic news coming:

  • new button dedicated to random play functionality;
  • display of song covers on each section of the app to simplify the search for songs;
  • new action line in the central part of the screen which includes the following buttons:
    • I like it;
    • Downloads;
    • Other.

The news announced, as mentioned, will be available starting today through an update on the iOS App Store. No information has been released regarding the Android version of Spotify, which just a few days ago started testing a new UI with more space for playlists and song suggestions.