Sport Arbily wireless bluetooth headphones

Sport Arbily wireless bluetooth headphones

Sport bluetooth headphones

for some time now I started using only wireless bluetooth headphones, to the detriment of expensive and old headphones with jack connector. The advantages are multiple and can be summarized in greater practicality (I no longer have to worry about tangled cables) and higher quality (you switch from an analog connection via jack cable to a digital connection). I often use headphones to answer calls that I receive even when I'm on the move, or play sports. If you like running or doing other sports such as cycling or exercising in the gym, I recommend you consider the Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones, because they guarantee greater freedom of movement.

Sport Arbily bluetooth headphones

On Amazon I found a pair of bluetooth headsets produced by Arbily that guarantee excellent reception quality, sweat-proof, with long battery life and are stable thanks to its design. They proved to be comfortable because the rubber headband that holds them fixed to the ear, very thin, therefore does not bother. So I decided to test them and today they have become the headphones I use the most.

Sport Arbily bluetooth headphones

The Sport Arbily bluetooth headphones with stable anchorage for the ears they have an ergonomic design. They fit comfortably in the ears for prolonged use without fatigue and without the risk of losing them during sports activities. They are compatible with most smartphones, especially iPhones; Samsung; Sony; Huawei; Motorola; LG; CUBOT; HTC; HONOR; Nokia, etc.

The wireless earbuds are equipped with a charging case that can keep them constantly charged when you are not using them and provides a long duration of use, for example, 55 hours of listening to music. The battery guarantees a duration of at least 6 hours of use. To recharge, it only takes 2 hours. The stable Bluetooth connection, guaranteed by the use of advanced Bluetooth chips, and the headphones provide well-defined listening and calls.

Usage and sound quality

sports headphones

The first aspect to evaluate when buying a new pair of headphones is the comfort for the use that must be made of it. After choosing the grommets that fit my ears well, I immediately felt comfortable wearing them. They are supplied with 3 pairs of spare silicone rubbers of different sizes to adapt to different types of ears. I didn't notice any particular annoyances, and I even had the impression of not wearing them while I was listening to music. Good isolation from external noises, and this guarantees a clear sound that is not distorted by the noises we have around.

The automatic switching on of the headphones. In fact, they automatically turn on and connect to the mobile phone to which you previously connected them, just take them from the case and the connection takes place, provided that you have bluetooth turned on on your smartphone.

An excellent function that the two earphones are separable. The left and right earphones can work separately. This function is very useful when you are driving the car, because it allows you to be attentive to the surrounding environment. You can switch between stereo and monaural mode by simply putting one of the two headphones back into the charging case.

To make these earphones more efficient during sports, certification IPX-7, which guarantees waterproofing against splashing water. This allows me to use headphones even on rainy days, without risking ruining them if they get wet. You can rest easy, because the headphones were designed exclusively for sports. So they will not be damaged by sweat.


I was very impressed with the Sport Arbily wireless bluetooth headphones. In addition to a good sound quality well balanced between bass and treble and excellent insulation from external noise, they immediately connect to the smartphone when taken from the case.

If you are looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones to use during your sports activity, or daily or while driving, then I suggest you give the in-ear earphones a chance. Arbily, which you can buy on Amazon now at a discounted price.