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Spore Origins for iPhone, the Macitynet review

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One of the most anticipated games of the season finally arrived on the App Store: let's talk about Spore Origins, the much acclaimed Electronic Arts game that puts you at the helm of a "monstrous" creature ready to evolve in the flow of the game, consisting of 30 levels all of which to lead their "baby".

Will EA's game keep its promises and expectations prior to the iPhone and iPod touch release? Macity has tried the video game for you to answer this question and we can already anticipate that the answer "ni".

Audio & Video

The EA game shows the muscles from a graphic point of view: based entirely on a fluid scrolling that tries to emulate a sort of uni or multicellular being immersed in a primordial soup, the iPhone and iPod touch graphics engine behaves in an excellent way, making the action very fluid and jerky. The sprites are valuable, detailed and gaudy, but also reactive and changeable, depending on the conditions and the game environments.


Fast and effective scrolling, with backgrounds that unfold without problems during the sessions driving your creature. From a purely aesthetic point of view, nothing sensational is reported, but simply an excellent management of the graphic resources, which make the game pleasant to the eye, thanks to the right effects of light and transparency. Fino's work prevails over brute force.

From the sound point of view it is an ordinary administration, with sound effects perfectly suited to the environment, and music that play their role as background to the action; in any case, a game in which the sound contribution is not fundamental in the economy of playing.

Game & Play

Spore Origins a game that undoubtedly gives the best of itself on Apple devices: the presence of the accelerometer really makes the difference, allowing perfect control of the creature. In fact, the player to control his "monster" will only have to tilt his iPhone or iPod touch in the direction in which he wants to move it. The creature will start swimming in the primordial soup: the more the inclination will be decided, the more the speed of movement will be. Nothing to complain about the accuracy of the accelerometer, truly enviable.

The control system that Apple's multitouch devices allow really makes the difference and allows you to better enjoy the gameplay of Spore Origins. The least convincing point, at least for the writer, is the gameplay. Once you have overcome the initial amazement and pleasure of such an effective control system, you will find yourself wandering 30 levels doing more or less the same things, trying to swallow the amount of creatures necessary to access the next level.


In the long run, the situations to be addressed are a bit repetitive, lacking the necessary variety to prolong the initial amazement. Even the evolution of the creature is a "false" evolution: it will only consist of color change, the possibility of partially changing its shape and spending a series of evolutionary points to add different types of characteristics to your "spores", such as attack, defense , speed and so on. The creature will always remain more or less the same, without substantial changes but mostly accidental.

There is also a "survival" mode (accessible only later) which can give you a few more hours of play, but does not offer noteworthy diversions. Finally, the presence of only 30 levels will allow you to end the game quickly enough, extinguishing the challenge after a few hours of play.


Spore Origin a game that amazes for the fantastic integration with the features of iPhone and iPod touch, which make the two Apple devices the ideal devices to try the experience that the game can offer. Too bad it is this experience that shows the limits more evident, more than anything else attributable to an excessive redundancy of the game structure. It could have been the first masterpiece, but it simply turns out to be a discreet game, a shame for a game that had really found its right size within the iPhone and iPod but which structurally demonstrates some limits due to the intrinsic characteristics of the gameplay. this is not a bad game, but, given the emphasis before the launch, more could have been expected.

iPodNet Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Pro– Controls from scream and perfectly suitable for iPhone and iPod touch – Graphic compartment of all respect and never in difficulty

Versus– Repetitive gameplay – 30 levels are few

Spore Origins can be purchased on the iTunes Store from this direct link. Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, the cost of 7.99 Euros.