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Spore for iPhone arrives on Friday

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Spore for iPhone arrives Friday logomacitynet1200wide 1

Spores for iPod touch and iPhone coming soon, launch scheduled for Friday. The release date of the version for the two mobile devices of Cupertino of the awaited Electronic Arts game, Electric Pig, a British site, revealed. The magazine would have a good source: Will Wright, the author of the game.

Wright allegedly spoke of Spores for iPhone and iPod touch during a meeting held in London, at the Apple Store on Regent Street. 'The version for Apple's mobile devices – Wright would have said – I have been told that it will be available from Friday. The game, a simulator of life that from the simplest forms allows you to guide the evolution from the simplest level to the evolved civilization, not comparable to the full version (which will always be available from Friday for Mac and PC) because it stops at the level mobile phone. In any case, always according to what Wright reports, it has very pleasant graphics and equally pleasant music.

Recall that Spore in the 'Origins' version (the one that recreates life in a cellular state) has already been released for iPod with clickwheel; temporarily removed to repair a serious bug, now returned for sale on the iTunes store.

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