Speed ​​up your pc, ccleaner. Part 4

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How to speed up your pc

Ccleaner , in my opinion,one of the best programs out there for system optimization.Thanks to this software, in fact, possible

  • Remove temporary files; (part 1)
  • Clean the registry from unused keys; (part 2)
  • Prevent automatic start of some ignition programs; (part 3)
  • Safely delete files in the recycle bin; (part 3)
  • Eliminate the excessive saves made by the system utility System Restore, recovering disk space; (part 4)
  • Reclaim the hard disk, i.e. overwrite the files already deleted and deleted making them unrecoverable. (part 4)

From Ccleaner, we open the section Instruments (located in the left sidebar) and select System restore, from whose subsectionit will be possible to deleteexcessive saves made by the system utility System Restore, recovering disk space.

In fact, it often happens to install more software on the same day or that Windows installs updates in two different sessions, creating multiple saves in the utility in question. Immediately it may be useful to keep them to correct any malfunctions, but after a few weeks these bailouts can be safely removed. So from Ccleaner in the previously indicated section, select the save that we intend to remove and click on the “Remove".

Ccleaner also has an interesting function that allows you to "clean up" the hard disk, that is, overwrite the files deleted from the recycle bin, making them permanently unrecoverable. So always from the section “Instruments"We open the subsection"Drive remediation".

The first option allows you to decide whether to permanently delete only the files already deleted or all those present on the hard disk (including the operating system); my advice select "Only free space". The second option instead allows you to choose the number of overwrites, and hence the degree of security, to be performed on every single deleted file. Obviously as the number of steps increases, the process execution time will increase. 3 steps are more than enough for common files, but if you fear that very important documents can be recovered select 7 or 35 steps (7 steps are those used by NASA). Now you just have to choose the drive to be "reclaimed" and click on the "Quenching and tempering".

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