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SpeakEasy VR, iPhone and iPod touch record audio

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Another of the iPhone's native gaps is the absence of the ability to record voice notes using the microphone present; as always the developers think about putting a patch on it. Among the various possibilities we mention SpeakEasy Voice Recorder, a Zarboo Software program that allows recording on the iPhone.

Thanks to a simple but complete interface, you can activate your mobile phone to quickly record notes, memos, notes expressed vocally, and then organize them by adding titles or setting categories under which to store them.

Versatile in recording and interacting, SpeakEasy VR pairs perfectly with the counterpart SpeakEasy Connect, free software (only for Mac, but also coming to Windows) that allows you to download voice notes on iTunes, maintaining their organization and allowing also to turn recordings into ringtones.

Finally SpeakEasy VR also compatible with the second generation of iPod touch, as long as you use a compatible microphone.SpeakEasy Voice Recorder available on the App Store at a cost of 1.59 euros, reachable directly using this link.