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Spam via SMS: a Google feature protects the Messages app

Verified messages will show a dedicated icon that will help the user to distinguish them

A new Google feature in the Messages app of Business accounts allows you to block spam via SMS, unpleasant and increasingly dangerous.

With the update of Android in the Messages app (only for business accounts) you will find a new key inSettings -> Verified SMS.The option will be enabled by default, but you can deactivate it if you do not want to use it.

The function is active only when an SMS is sent potentially by a verified company.Google will use the authenticity codes to verify each SMS received to warn of any attempts at cheating or misleading content, thus saving the user from clicking on dangerous links or which may disclose sensitive information to scam sites. This verification uses a unique code created based on the phone number, the company and the content of the message. Each unique code is created on the smartphone, then sent to Google which compares it with that received in parallel by the verified company.

check SMS spam ok

Spam via SMS is thus verified. Self the codes match, the Messages app displays information on the activity with a "verified" icon the codes do not match, Messages show "The message could not be verified". If the data connection is weak, Messages could say"Sender verification ... ”Until the end of the process.

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If you do not have a data connection, Messaging says "Waiting for connection to verify the sender". The Google support page for this specific situation recommends do not answer with no private information or to open any connection until the sender of the message is verified. Also explain that for privacy the company does not read the messages, nor does it track or memorize which business activities are sending the message.The new functionality, in a nutshell, check that each message received contains the code assigned by Google to verified business users. Stop.

The verified SMS seem to be available for now only in the United States. As often happens, we are talking about a Beta phase and therefore we cannot know whether in the future it will be available to everyone or not.