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Space on the grid. Midsummer fantasies.

Space on the grid. Midsummer fantasies.

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If we try to extrapolate with our imagination what we have seen at the recent Expo, we can think that it is a product that, like Cube, is at the forefront of design and compactness. Apple has long been expecting a revolutionary portable device that will surely not be being a handheld: the statements of the executives speak for themselves and there is no will to resurrect Newton. There could be instead the exploitation of some technologies of Newton within a possible new device: the intelligent recognition of writing based on prediction algorithms and automatic linking within the application of names, consequent actions in an “intelligent” way. From the hardware point of view we could have the implementation of a low-power processor with a series of ports like firewire, airport, USB but most likely the new Video-USB-Power mixed connector on the cube and on the G4s.

At this point the fantasy could be fun … putting together all these technologies with a Touch screen or writable Apple could make a hybrid instrument … On the one hand a portable box with DC and AC power and a hard disk / DVD player, on the other part, a pointing and display device … a huge drawing board that can be connected to the connector we were talking about above its base station or to any Mac with an ADC

Devices of this kind are not really new: at the SAIE last year we saw the "tablet" of Nemetscheck (made by Wacom) that allows you to have a real PC with a liquid crystal monitor on which to draw.

But if we think that Apple could make it become both the interface for its desktop machines with special handwriting recognition capabilities and a real independent laptop.We will still have a revolutionary product and a step forward in aesthetic evolution and minimalist progression … from the Tower to the Cube, from the Cube to the Plate …

What do you think? Are they just summer fantasies? At you the word in our forum

Tomorrow we will publish an imaginary model of this device on MacProf ..

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