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SoundOn for all Titanium owners

SoundOn for all Titanium owners – Macitynet.it

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Angelo Scicolone, a young Sicilian developer, releases SounOn! a simple freeware for Titanium powerbook owners that prevents the built-in speakers from turning off when using laptop batteries. To save energy OSX automatically turns off the speakers after a certain period of time if no audio source is used. If, for the purpose of battery economy, it can be a useful choice, on the other hand, it can be annoying not being able to use the Ti for a few moments before the sound is reactivated by the system with the classic rainbow swirling of the cursor.

SoundOn! automatically plays a silent audio signal every ten seconds in order to always keep the system and speakers ready.Scicolone warns that the loss of battery life is not relevant.

System requirements of course a PowerBook G4 Titaniume Mac OS X 10.1 or higher (not necessary on OS 9 since the old Apple OS does not disable the Ti speakers)

More information on the Scicolone website

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