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SoundDock with 30 songs for free from the Apple Store

One of the best environmental amplification products for iPod, the Bose SoundDock, if purchased through the AppleStore (sponsor), will make you "rich" 30 songs to download for free from the iTunes Music Store.

We've been talking about SoundDock since the Paris debut last September and compared to other similar devices by far the one with the best audio quality … even the one that costs more, per.

The Bose device works with iPods from the third generation of the classic model onwards and the mini model.

On the Italian Apple Store an offer is valid until July 14th: by ordering a SoundDock for the price of 379 euros including VAT you will receive a coupon to download 30 songs from the iTunes Music Store completely free, freely chosen among the million available in the catalog.

The value of 30 euros is not the most interesting part of the offer (although not bad at all) but the will to promote legal iTunes music by bringing users of related products closer, which is rather new for the Italian market. It is to be assumed that it will trigger the desire to buy more music from iTunes.

The combination of this kind of audio products and the music offered by Apple online is so important that Bose itself, in the USA, sells from its website models that offer free music buyers to download from the iTunes Music Store (30 songs with Companion 3 or 15 songs with Companion 2).