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Sound ID 510: a headset with its application

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Sound ID 510: a headset with its application –

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On June 6, the day before Apple's press conference at WWDC 2010, the company Sound ID will officially launch an innovative Bluetooth headset designed specifically for the iPhone. In fact, unlike all other similar peripherals, Sound ID 510 will have its own application, created ad-hoc for a better use. Entitled Ear Print, the application, already available on the AppStore, allows you to modify a series of parameters, such as the direction of sound, the colors of the LED or the activation of the Ambient mode, useful when on the move but not talking on the telephone. The Find Me option is also interesting: in case you do not remember where you placed the headset, in this way you can sound an alarm inside the device in order to find it immediately. Using touch sensitive technology, the device will allow you to raise or lower the volume by simply sliding a finger across its surface, while three microphones are used to remove noise from the conversation.

The price, it must be said, not exactly accessible: $ 130 for a headset may seem excessive, but the splendid design and advanced technology amply justify the cost. It is also likely that a future update of Ear Print will allow the headset to take full advantage of the functionality of the iPhone OS4.

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