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Soon a new beta of Safari?

A new version of Safari may be released within the week.

According to some sites dedicated to rumors, in fact, in the past few hours, copies (apparently unauthorized) of a new build of the Apple browser have started circulating on the Internet. It would be the number 57, higher than the current 51 in the hands of most users of the platform.

The build is a prelude to the presentation of a new beta version, say the sites dedicated to indiscretions, which for presenters will have big obvious news. The main changes would have been implemented in the code, made more agile in rendering complex pages, especially those with many images. Changes to the management of protected pages would have been added.

For now, there is no mention of the appearance of the so-called 'tabs', the possibility of navigating between various sites without being forced to open a consequent number of windows but simply 'anchoring' them within a single window and then selecting them with a specific 'linuette'. This feature, one of the most popular of Mozilla-based surfers, may be coming soon, say the Internet sites dedicated to rumors. Recently implemented on Konqueror, the browser for Linux and Unix close relative of Safari, it will be part of the final release, the 1.0 of which for you have no idea when it will be released.

(Thanks for the report to Tobia Corona)