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SonyEricsson P800 and Mac: collaborate or almost …

SonyEricsson P800 and Mac: collaborate or almost … – Macitynet.it

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As we have reported several times on these pages, the mobile phones of (Sony) Ericsson equipped with Bluetooth are among the most "collaborative" towards Apple computers equipped with Mac OS X being able to interactively exchange phone book and agenda data and use the synchronization application iSync.After the release of the latest P800 model available for a few days in stores (and photographed by us at SMAU in October), the expectations of many users were very high: a mobile phone / PDA with the exceptional features of the P800 lends itself well to become the "digital companion" of a Mac.

Unfortunately for the Symbian 7 operating system on which the latest P800 is based and we are at the first versions of the software and moreover iSync has not yet been released in its definitive version. We think this is due to the difficulties of interaction that many new P800 buyers they have signaled.But with the experimentation and the collaboration between readers we can make many steps forward: and on our Forum the reports of the first partial successes are arriving. to transfer the address book than to navigate in GPRS mode with his new mobile phone.Waiting for the final iSync …

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