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Sony, stop the 17 and 19 inch Trinitrons

Sony ceases production of the 17 and 19-inch CRT monitors, simultaneously canceling the Trinitron line of tubes of the same size used by third parties.

Needless to say, Sony justified the decision with the growth in the incidence of the LCD monitor market. 'The prices of large TFT monitors are constantly falling' they say to Sony 'and we intend, both in the consumer and corporate fields, to satisfy this request'

Sony's commercial move is particularly significant because it can be seen as a turning point in the world of displays.

The Japanese house and its Trinitron technology have long been a symbol and a reference in the field of monitors, from which they dominated the high end. Apple itself has long used Trinitron tubes for its monitors before moving on (but only in the last phase of the CRT with the Apple brand) to Mitsubishi's Diamondtrons.

Sony has announced that it will, for now, leave the 21 and 23-inch CRT displays in production, systems that continue to enjoy good popularity on the market supported by image quality combined with prices that currently cannot be approached by a TFT display. of the same size and with a gamut that is difficult to overcome as a useful amplitude for the DTP market.

This does not mean per se the end of the availability of monitors with technology similar to that of Sony as this has been licensed to other manufacturers who have competitive models on the market in the 17 "and 19" range.