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Sony Music Japan artists get angry about exclusion from iTMS

Change editor and management to be included in the iTunes Music Store? It can happen in Japan after Sony Music has not signed the contract with Apple.

The Japanese artist Motoharu Sano is doing it but it seems that many others under contract with Sony Music in Japan may soon interrupt the collaboration to pass to other companies, such as Amuse, which instead intend to bring their customers to the iTunes Music Store.

"Our music should be sold through the channels where people love to buy it," says Sano from the Land of the Rising Sun, implying that "people willingly buy music from iTunes".

Sony Music in Japan is the only national subsidiary that is not part of the Sony-BMG group but has been active in the rest of the world since 2004. In addition to Sony Music, the publisher Victor (JVC) has not granted any music to iTMS.

Sony-BMG president Thomas Hesse has just informed attendees at the Music 2.0 conference in Foster City, California, that the digital music market is expected to grow 19-20% by 2008.