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Sony ICF-DS11iP, home music and clock radio for iPhone and iPod touch

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In the crowded panorama of dock systems for iPhone and iPod Sony offers the ICF-DS11iP Personal Audio Docking System. Macitynet put it to the test to test the dock and clock radio functions, as well as audio playback. The collected impressions are positive: remember that the device can be purchased with a 20% discount until July 18. Unlike many commercially available dock-radio alarm clocks with a mono sound system of approximate quality, the Sony device offers an extra gear. In place of a single speaker we have in fact a stereo set with a power of 2 × 3.5Watt RMS capable of reproducing good quality audio and music.  ICF-DS11iPsony_ICF-DS11iPAccustomed to listening with headphones or earphones, in the tests carried out Sony ICF-DS11iP was able to play our favorite songs and playlists with numerous nuances and also an audio power not possible on the earphones. While not equipped with a subwoofer, a component not essential for a radio alarm clock, the Sony dock can offer good performance even for the bass. The effect can be further improved by pressing the Mega Bass button which offers an extra starting point for low tones. No problem even for the medium and high frequencies that benefit from reproduction via the two integrated speakers. The audio quality decreases for when we set the volume to the highest values, in this case in fact the audio shows distortions. It should be noted that the deterioration occurs only at volume thresholds that are far too high for listening in a room or, moreover, on the side of the bed as an alarm clock, a standard position for the installation of a device of this type. At 2/3 of the volume, the quality is still more than acceptable and the output power is sufficient for a party in a medium-small environment, much more than what you can expect from a radio alarm clock.

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The austere design can be liked or disliked: the writer appreciates the black lacquered finishes of the plastics that recall the classic Sony style. Instead, what any type of user can appreciate is ease of installation and use. Once removed from the box, simply connect the power supply to the power outlet, insert iPhone or iPod in the appropriate compartment and press play to start listening. With a couple of clicks on the radio alarm clock buttons you can program it (without having to use the manual) to wake up to the radio, iPhone music or if we forget to insert it in the dock with an electronic buzzer, unobtrusive but effective. If we decide that another 5 minutes of sleep are possible today, just stretch out your hand and even with your eyes closed, reach the imposing snooze button in the highest part of the device.

The clock function is also practical, large and clearly visible on the front: in addition to offering the time on the side of the bed or on the desk, it allows you to adjust the brightness on 3 levels so as not to annoy at night or to be more readable during the day, even from far. Remember that you can always search and store up to 30 radio stations quickly and directly. Macitynet already talked about the Sony ICF-DS11iP Personal Audio Docking System in this article. The only detail that could be inconvenient for some installations is the generously sized power supply directly integrated in the wire that comes out of the device. If the wall socket is behind a piece of furniture and the length of the integrated wire is not sufficient, an extension and alternative positioning must be used.

Recall that until July 18 Macitynet readers thanks to the collaboration with Sony Style can buy this valid dock with radio alarm clock with 20% discount. Thanks to this promotion, the list price of 99 euros drops to 79.20 euros, shipping costs included, a good price to equip our iPhone or touch with a charging dock capable of playing our music collections in one gear in addition.

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PRO Good quality sound Easy to install and use Features complete with clock radio

VERSUS Nobody to detect


Price and availabilitySony ICF-DS11iP Personal Audio Docking System offered at the list price of 99 euros on the Sony Style website. Macitynet users can buy it with a 20% discount starting from this page and entering the promotional code SONYDOCK3A being purchased.

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