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Sony Ericsson looks to the future

Sony Ericsson will be the world's leading mobile phone maker by 2006. This prediction, which reaffirms other similar but made in more favorable moments than the current one, launched yesterday by the executive vice president of the joint venture Jan Wareby during an event held at Cannes.

"Within the year," Wareby said, "we aim to return to profit thanks to an increase in market share and within three years we will be the world's leading mobile phone manufacturer"

Currently, Sony Ericsson controls just 6% of the world telephony market, barely holding the fifth position after a year marked by heavy losses, high enough to present on the horizon the threat of a dissolution of the alliance between Sony and Ericsson. According to some observers, in order to return positively, the Japanese-Swedish joint venture must aim for a market share between 7 and 10% which may not be achieved by 2003.

Nokia has 39% of the world market and Motorola, which in second place, 19%.

Always according to analysts Sony Ericsson to aim reasonably to its objectives should increase the number of entry-level devices, although it is true that at the moment thanks to medium-high-end models that its market share is growing.

And proof that Sony Ericsson continues to aim for an elite market yesterday's event also served at the launch of the first 3G mobile phone, called the Z1010.

The cell phone, which will soon be sent to cell phone operators for the study of appropriate marketing initiatives, has a camera capable of establishing video communications between two phones but also of recording short films. The Z1010 is expected to become available for sale in the second half of the year.

Sony Ericsson also announced an Edge compatible computer card (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution), a technology that will double the current speed of cellular communications, bringing it to 118 Kbps, all without using new frequencies. With the Sony Ericsson Edge card you will be able to surf the Internet directly with your laptop using the lines of the telephone providers. A Sony Ericsson Edge phone is expected to be available by 2004.