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Sony "cheats" FireWire

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Some camera manufacturers start looking at USB 2.

The standard supported by Intel, in fact, guarantees, as is known, speed higher than that of the first version of FireWire while IEEE 1394b was presented only a few days ago. Therefore, the search for solutions that guarantee greater speed in connection with digital peripherals is not surprising.

What is surprising, however, that to support USB 2 is one of Apple's most traditional allies in the FireWire field, or Sony.

The Japanese giant has in fact, surprisingly, presented two cameras (the DCR-DVD) capable of writing on DVD but above all equipped with a Universal Serial Bus 2 interface instead of iLink (as FireWire Sony calls).

Sony justified itself by claiming that USB 2 is faster than FireWire and that since the new camera records directly to DVD, iLink is not necessary.

The choice of Sony, which could also be changed in the future with the launch in style of IEEE 1394b, in any case should induce Apple to raise the antennas and the community that supports IEEE 1394b to push the standard as soon as possible.

The reasons, whatever they are, that led Sony (who with Apple the main supporter of FireWire) to opt for USB 2 could with much greater ease take root with other manufacturers less related to the FireWire world. And without the support of the digital image world it could be a challenge to counter USB 2.