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Sony challenges the iMac

Sony will cross arms directly with Apple. The battleground will be the all-in-one camp on which the Japanese company will lower its Vaio W.

The desktop, already marketed in Japan since the beginning of the year, is distinguished by a very particular shape dictated by the screen that appears very similar to that of a Titanium, both in size and height-to-width ratio.

The most original aspect of the Vaio W for the keyboard connected to the computer body and which can be folded towards it, freeing up space. Once "closed" the keyboard lets you see part of the screen. If the computer, instead of being switched off in stop mode, the hour or a menu of software for playing CDs and audio files can scroll in the visible portion.

The Vaio W in Japan is configured with a 1.6 GHz Celeron processor, 256 MB of Ram, a 60 GB disk and a CD-RW. The price is certainly not among the cheapest if we think that it is a PC: 189,800 Yen, about 1570 euros.

Sony, which could announce the Vaio W for Europe and the USA in the coming weeks, launching an all in one outside of Japan, will implement a rather risky operation. The PC world has traditionally looked suspiciously at integrated computers that have a higher cost and lower configuration flexibility than traditional computers. For example, IBM recently decided to discontinue the production of its NetVista X due to the lack of sales feedback.

In this field, Apple has always had good successes, one for all the unforgettable iMac CRT.