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Solar Walk 3D model of the Solar System: fun astronomy on iPhone and touch

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Solar Walk 3D Model of the Solar System: fun astronomy on iPhone and touch –

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Solar Walk offers a fascinating view of the planets, their motion and our solar system, making astronomy fun to learn. The program was created by the same team that created Star Walk, judged by Apple as one of the best Best Apps of the 200. While Star Walk offers an exploration and insights on the stars, Solar Walk a precise and graphically accurate reconstruction of our solar system.

On the iPhone and touch screen, the planets move following their orbits and the details are such that it is possible to observe the clouds, the reliefs of the mountains, lakes and oceans on Earth. The fluid 3D graphics allow you to move around the various planets to observe the solar system from different angles, reduce and increase the magnification to examine the details that capture attention or to get closer to the Moon or one of the satellites of Jupiter. It is also possible to land on the celestial body to observe an image of the surface, read all the information on the planet, mass radius and composition of the atmosphere, and then deepen the data and results of the main scientific missions if we wish.

Other interesting functions include the possibility of observing the position of the planets and the solar system in different historical periods. By clicking on the clock we can set the desired date to observe the celestial bodies in the position of our birth date or to observe the position of Mars in 2029.

Solar Walk available on the App Store for 2.39 euros

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