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Sochi: discover attractions, culture and food in the city of the Olympics, free for iOS

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Soi is the name of the Russian city that hosts the 22nd Winter Olympics this year and also the free iPhone and iPad app that allows visitors on the spot, but also those who stay at home, to find out more about this unique area, for different aspects, located on the coasts of the Black Sea and at the same time in the foothills of the Caucasus mountains.

Through the app you can get to know and also visit the main attractions of the city: for those who can create tailor-made itineraries on the spot, taking into account the historical and interesting sites to visit as well as the time needed and the length of the tour. Also inside the app there are available insights on culture, history and also on the cuisine, not only of the Soi area but also of the variants present in Southern Russia.

Thanks to the app the user can deepen his knowledge of this extremely particular geographical area, an exception in the Russian panorama. Considered among the longest cities in the world, with an urban development of almost 150 km on the shores of the Black Sea, within the municipality of Soi there are also the renowned ski resorts that rise in the Caucasus mountains behind, which protect the area from cold winds of the North. This allows Soi to boast a mild climate throughout the year, with an average temperature of 14 degrees, ideal even for the cultivation of grapes and tea.

With the Soi app it is thus possible to observe the city and the area as it is today and admire the development over time thanks to over 300 high resolution photographs. Other functions include the list of useful contacts and recommendations for the tastiest dishes and recipes in the region.

Free Lapp Soi for iPhone and iPad.

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