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Snapchat has launched a video game platform

Snap Games the casual video game platform that the company is ready to launch on Android and iPhone, this is how it works

Snap Games(Photo: Snapchat)

Snapchat launched the big news of Snap Games, one video game platform naturally dedicated to multiplayer to involve its many users with some very simple and fast titles. A hit and run philosophy that can resemble in some way Mario Party, therefore dedicating itself to an audience naturally of casual player. All free (but there is a great profit possibility for Snapchat behind) and usable from both iPhone and Android, how does it work?

The Snap Games presentation finally makes sense to the very discreet acquisition of the Australian company PrettyGreat at the end of 2017, in fact it makes its debut immediately with five video games developed by giants such as Zynga and Zeptolab and with the spotlights aimed at the collection of toys Bitmoji Party that really in full casual style to have fun with friends with their avatars, remembering Mario Party a little closer.

Snap Games Snapchat(Photo: Snapchat)

The platform, of course, immediately compatible with both the application installed on smartphones Android both on iOS therefore iPhone. In full Snapchat style everything will be usable without too much effort, it will not be necessary to make separate downloads but you will rely on the connection to the network a bit like already happens with the Facebook Messenger instant game platform, based on html5.

How to play Snapchat? You can start the game with a tap on the rocket icon located at the bottom right of the chat text entry bar. You can play up to a maximum of seven users and the ability to chat and converse with other participants will always be active.

Among the various minigames there is the one in which you find yourself catapulted onto a giant turntable on which you will have to balance on the vinyl by jumping the rotating arm of the stylus. The winner will receive virtual coins to purchase additional content such as dancing.

And the additional content will be based on Snapchat revenue who has already confirmed that he will place a 6-second advertising video, without skip, which will be played before each game. The revenues will then be shared with the developers.

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