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Smartphone for Seniors – Better than a Senior Cell Phone

Smartphone for Seniors – Better than a Senior Cell Phone

Smartphone or Senior Cell Phone

Question: I am very interested in the new technology. Still, I use an & quot; old & ldquo; Mobile, but absolutely wants to “change”. Are there special smartphones for seniors or what should I consider when choosing?

Answer: Thank you for your question.

Many Best Agers are more or less like you: they are interested in technical innovation and they do not want to lose touch with the digital world. At the same time, however, many seniors have high concerns about smartphones because they are reluctant to serve them. The aspect of data protection also plays a role when people over the age of 50 oppose the innovations of technology.

Most of the fears, however, are completely unfounded. As you have seen, smartphones open up completely new perspectives for seniors when it comes to using the internet, for example. In addition, they are simply practical, because they represent a great support in everyday life and can even save lives in an emergency. In the following explanations you will surely find an answer to the question: “Which smartphone fits me?” ,
Incidentally, I have also recently asked the question about the “ideal smartphone for beginners”. answered.

What are the advantages of a smartphone? Some manufacturers offer a special senior cell phone. More information can be found below. In general, however, it can be said that every smartphone has many advantages over conventional mobile phones:

A smartphone, whether seniors cell phone or not, is handy, lightweight and flexible. Each device can be individually configured by special applications. For example, a smartphone can replace a camera, a calendar, a notebook and, in many situations, a classic computer. You can always carry your device with you and use it anywhere. A PC, on the other hand, is usually always in the same location and is therefore not fully accessible. Especially for older people, who are not so mobile anymore, that is a big disadvantage. With a smartphone you can easily maintain social contacts. You can not just talk on the phone with the small device, you can also send emails and text messages, share photos and share ideas & ndash; a plus especially for those who are often lonely in old age. It may sound amazing, but in terms of usability, no smartphone needs to shy away from comparison with a computer. Because it does not require any accessories and only requires the fingers to operate the device, it is very easy and intuitive to handle. Smartphones are based on a visual control system. This applies to the menu as well as to the respective operating system. Each application and function is marked with an icon & ndash; People with a visual impairment benefit from this fact. The respective app is started by a light touch with a finger. So you do not have to study a user manual to use a smartphone: most functions are self-explanatory. Basically, every smartphone can be operated with two simple gestures, namely a tap of a finger and a swipe with the finger

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What is a special mobile phone for seniors? In the meantime, some manufacturers are offering special smartphones for seniors. These devices differ from conventional cell phones primarily in terms of the size of the display. The screen is green, the menu. especially clear. There are usually no more than four icons on the home screen, but they can be used to access all functions.

In addition, all seniors’ cell phones have emergency calling features that can be individually configured. For example, tapping a button automatically calls certain phone numbers. In addition, in some geriatric devices for the elderly, presumably particularly useful applications are preinstalled, for example, a reminder function for taking the medication. Other features include extra loud keys and audio applications that are compatible with hearing aids.

Visually, mobile phones for the elderly can not compete with most modern smartphones. In addition, the usages of elderly cell phones are rather limited in practice.

By the way, good smartphones can not be expensive. We have compiled the price / performance leaders for you. Our overview with the best smartphones up to 200 Euro can be found here:

However, a device that is not designed exclusively for seniors offers you many more interesting uses in the medium term and can be set up exactly as you wish it to.

The Honor 5c is particularly suitable for beginners and seniors.

Nevertheless, be sure to purchase a device with a large display (recommended at least 5 inches). This makes it easier for you to use your mobile phone in the initial phase. In addition, it is recommended that you first select an affordable smartphone as an entry-level model (from approx. � 150 you get modern, up-to-date models with very good quality).
Finding the right telephone and data tariffFor almost all smartphone functions (except telephoning), a reliable and fast Internet connection is a prerequisite. To do this, you need a mobile phone contract with a corresponding data plan. This is a contract that allows you to make and receive text messages as well as to connect to the Internet. A distinction is made between so-called prepaid tariffs (pay before) and postpaid tariffs (pay at the end of the month). Currently, the offer for postpaid tariffs is particularly high, since with the prepaid model the different telephoning and surfing behavior can only be mapped insufficiently.
The entry into this mobile Internet world must be; not be expensive. From around � 5 / month, you get fares that offer you the full flexibility (monthly chargeable), but at the same time provide enough data and phone minutes for uninterrupted Internet enjoyment. We have dealt extensively with a variety of offers and here you: Cheap mobile tariffs the best rates.
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Telephone flat to all networks & ndash; 1 GB of data & ndash; Monthly chargeable

Smartphones easy to use & ndash; no problem with the right instructionsIn the internet you can find a lot of information about smartphones for seniors.
Especially helpful are the instructions of the author Helmut Oestreich, which became known under the brand name: Die.Anleitung and which you can purchase in our online shop.
The computer understands in a very special way to explain seemingly complicated techniques simply, easily and step by step especially for seniors and newcomers. Thanks to easy-to-follow instructions with more than 500 images, your & ldquo; normal & ldquo; Android smartphone or your iPhone to the perfect senior suitable companion.
On similar questions, such as: “Are there any special tablets for seniors?” and & quot; Is there an ideal smartphone for beginners? & ldquo; find here and here our answer.
Conclusion: A smartphone will in any case enrich your everyday life and make it even easier to network with the digital world. You benefit from the opportunities offered by these modern appliances and can now also cultivate your hobbies and interests or keep in contact with family and friends.

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